Transformers 2 – Chinese City

We posted a Transformers 2 casting call a few weeks back. The location of the shoot is in Bethlehem, PA near Philadelphia. The Chinese city for Transformers 2 is coming together nicely. Looks like this location may be for the first shoot. Michael Bay revealed in his blog that shotting begins on June 2.

This Bethlehem Steel site is being transformed into a Chinese City.

Chinese signs for Entry/Exit Point on the roof.

Chinese characters on the road read Cargo Loading Area

This blog also has additional details about the shoot.

- The east side of the site is being re-developed so most of the shooting will take place on the west side.

- A new concept car (possible Transformer?) not used in the first movie will be used there

- Two Blackhawk helicopters will be used

- The area will be patrolled by the site security and Bethlehem City Police who will also and close streets for the shoot.

Our initial guess was that this would be a location for Soundwave, who is supposed to be in Transformer 2. Potentially, Soundwave could do audio translation. The other guess would be a a Transformer with a trailer for cargo like Ultra Magnus. In any event, the location is an important scene for the movie.

Some fake Transformer 2 trailers have surfaced as well.


A letter was sent out to residents in Bethlehem, PA. Shooting for Transformers 2 will take place at 511 E Third Street on June 2-4.

The work will include aerial work with both camera and military helicopters, large scale pyrotechnics, prop guns and squibs, and large lights. We are working with the city to close 3rd Street from Hayes to Polk and Polk Street from 3rd to 1st 7pm – 6am all three days. This will help us maintain a safety perimeter for our work. Local traffic and emergency lanes will be kept open at all times.