Shockers – all-male cheerleading team

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about the all-male Japanese cheerleading group Shockers. The 24-member Shockers squad defeated 14 all-female teams to win a national cheerleading competition in Japan a few months ago.

The Shockers team focuses on moves that take advantage of their physical strength. In one, several men form a tight circle and together toss a smaller teammate four or five meters in the air, catching him just before he hits the ground. A still showier move is the “Scorpion,” in which three members hold up a fourth, who stands on one leg and extends the other leg behind his head — similar to the Biellmann spin position in figure skating. Only two team members can pull that off, though.

Maybe we will see the group in one of the plethora of dance shows broadcasting on TV.

Watch Shockers in action

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