Jazmin on MTV’s Top Pop Group

Watch out MTV’s Top Pop Group contestants, ’cause Jazmin just might be the hottest family act since the Jonas Brothers! The members of Jazmin have beauty, brains … and tons of talent! Yes, Nadia, Felicia, Celia and Daria Khong are four sexy but sweet second-generation Chinese-American sisters from Los Angeles who have it all. The name Jazmin was inspired by the sisters’ jazz influences, and it’s also a popular Asian flower. Vote for Jazmin on Top Pop Group.

Daughters of a Christian Protestant preacher and a piano teacher, the Jazmin girls grew up in a strict household where — gasp! — TV was banned. So, when they didn’t have their noses glued to their textbooks, the sisters would unleash their energy by singing, dancing and creating artwork. Their parents were huge supporters of their talents and even encouraged them to draw all over the walls of their home!

From writing their own songs to choreographing their dance routines, Jazmin outdoes the typical “girl group,” as each sister brings something special to the table. And each with their own MySpace page.


Nadia, the eldest who studied studio art at UC Irvine, loves fashion and acts as the group’s stylist. Click here for Nadia’s MySpace page.


Felicia, the bossy one, majored in art history at UCLA and designs everything for the group, from their album covers to their website. Click here for Felicia’s MySpace page.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is resident goofball Celia, who’s always on the lookout for fun and games. She attended UC Irvine majoring in Literary Journalism and her lyrical ideas and passion for the NBA reflect her high energy and spirit. Click here for Celia’s MySpace page.


And, although Daria is the youngest, she has a big voice, which makes her the de facto leader of the pack. Her strong vibe holds the group together, making their voices truly united. She like the Michael of their Jackson 4. Click here for Daria’s MySpace page.

JAZMIN gained nation-wide exposure after being chosen by NBC as a finalist on America’s Got Talent as well their Star Tomorrow music competition led by legendary music producer David Foster –- who likened them to En Vogue and TLC. During their audition, they had an opportunity to jam with Foster and Mick Fleetwood who thought they were “charming .” They advanced to become one of the Top 100 Bands and were included on a segment of “Extra”.

Positioned to break new ground in the world of popular music they are armed with style, presence, confidence and most of all, talent. JAZMIN enters the music industry determined and ready. Click here for Jazmin’s MySpace page.

Jazmin introduces themselves

Jazmin previously on America’s Got Talent

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