MTV Japanese game show host wanted

The Japanese game show import continues. We have seen ABC add Wipeout and I survived a Japanese Game show to their lineup over the summer. FOX recently added Hole in the Wall . This time on MTV takes a stab at a Japanese game show import.

MTV is searching for a host for a fun, Japanese game show pilot. They’re looking for outgoing, articulate, spirited males who appear to be between the ages of 21 – 35 and appear to be Japanese or of Japanese descent. Candidates must possess bold personalities and a devilish sense of humor.

People that exude a lot of enthusiasm, have wicked personalities, distinct styles and possess a unique charm on tape should apply ASAP. It is an amazing opportunity for the right talent, so please email with a headshot / pic and let them know why you’d be the perfect game show host. Must be well-versed in the English language. Union and non-union okay. Taping will be in New York. Television credits are not necessary. Improv / comedy backgrounds are a plus. There will be compensation.


Zero Kazama – host of MTV Silent library

The new show for MTV is based on the hit Japanese game show, Gaki no Tsukai (Silent Library). Essentially, 6 friends get together in a library and have to perform hilarious tasks. The catch is you have to be quiet or you get kicked out of the library. The tasks are not dangerous, just funny. With each task you complete, you and your friends win money. For instance, you have to watch your friend perform karate with panty hose over his face. But you can’t laugh! Or one of you has to wear a “smelly helmet” for 1 minute and the rest of you can’t laugh.

Example of the MTV show based on Gaki no Tsukai (Silent Library)

4 thoughts on “MTV Japanese game show host wanted

  1. Anonymous

    Unoriginal morons. The Silent Library segments are funny, but get old quick. MTV stealing japanese comedy shows only shows the lack of creativity at MTV. You guys all working on minimum wage now or what? Bunch of donkeys working over there…

  2. Anonymous

    Gaki No Tsukai is so original and funny that I believe that MTV trying to replicate their skits will be a complete and utter disappointment. I mean seriously at least give credit in your commercials that you completely stole this idea from them. Idiots…

  3. Anonymous

    well another thing i love destroyed. does mtv know that silent library isn't a stand alone show?

  4. Jerry L.

    Ugh, I knew this would happen.

    Why America, why MTV.

    Downtown and all the folks at Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. ought to be insulted.

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