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Zappos on Oprah

Over the summer, ABC spotlighted Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Next stop, Oprah. On October 23, 2008, Oprah takes a look inside the lives of the world’s most famous twin moguls: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. And, meet the young CEO Tony Hsieh who runs an 800-million dollar internet sensation- Zappos! A camera crew from Oprah went to the Zappos.com offices a few weeks ago and filmed the daily crazy activities, and Tony Hsieh did an interview with Oprah via Skype last week.

Zappos on Oprah

Here’s a bonus post from Tony Hsieh’s presentation “Top 10 Lessons Learned in E-Commerce” from SXSW

The TiVo with Parry Shen

Parry Shen is delighted by how his new Tivo has changed his life, until the machine becomes obsessed with him and begins killing people. (Check out all the t-shirts he wears.) Doing the short reminded Parry of the fun times he had shooting “Asia Street Comedy” on the defunct AZN. Watch the short below and find out what Parry’s favorite part is.

Writer/Director Adam Green’s 2008 Halloween short film. Here’s a quote from Adam Green – “After a few month of trying out DVR service, I had no choice but to switch back to the reliability and comforting sounds of TiVo. But I gotta admit, my TiVo knows me so well it can be a bit …scary. Our ten year anniversary Halloween short film is our best yet and stars Hatchet’s Parry Shen. As always – no money, no time, no crew, and a ton of fun!”

The TiVo

Parry Shen’s favorite parts are all the stuff that they added in postproduction. Like with the stabbing scene at the end, on that take he had decided to: stab, sob, then start viciously stabbing again — and in post, they added in TiVO noises in between to hint at TiVO being still alive, hence justifying his second wave of stabbings, Paul Solet adding his funny quips in between his phone conversations, syncing TiVO “boops” to its footsteps walking backwards after watching him sleep.

Suzy Nakamura in Back on Topps

Come on a comedic, behind-the-scenes journey into one of the world’s most recognizable sports companies. When The Topps Company falls into new ownership, sport-loving twin brothers Leyland and Leif Topps face a challenge in their new work environment. These former heirs must prove to their new boss that they are indeed worthy and valuable to the sports and card world, and in doing so they might just land Back on Topps.

Japanese-American Suzy Nakamura make an appearance in Episode 6 of Back on Topps. She plays soccer star Brenda in the webisode. (You may know her from movies like American Zombie and TV shows like ABC sitcom Help Me Help You.) Sometimes words hurt more than a tightly balled fist. Leyland and Leif explore the line of appropriateness in the workplace and then cross it.

Sexual Her-ass-ment (Suzy Nakamura in Back on Topps)