Manny Pacquiao interviewed by Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez interviewed both Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya ahead of their bout this weekend. (Good luck to Manny on the fight. We’re expecting Manny to win.) We focused on the videos about Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. You can also see the HBO special De La Hoya Pacquiao 24/7. Earlier this year, Manny Pacquiao won WBC Lightweight Champion belt. He also supported the Filipino community by giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Watch this sit down interview where Manny Pacquiao tells Mario Lopez that Pacman is not only his nickname but his dogs too! Manny then tells how he runs with his dog every morning and that his dog is faster than he is.

Sit down interview where Manny tells Mario that there are three kinds of training…physical, mental and spiritual, and talks about faith(b-roll of church where he prays).

Mario and Manny play darts together in his apartment and Manny says he is ambidextrous which leads to a conversation about Oscar switching hands when he fights sometimes too.

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