"Coffee and Snow" by Blue Scholars

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Viagra Sales Dubai “Coffee and Snow” is directed and edited by Zia Mohajerjasbi. Filmed one December afternoon in South Seattle. Blue Scholars in comprised of the duo Geologic and Sabzi.

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As momentous as 2007 was for Seattle’s Blue Scholars, 2008 was even bigger for the duo as they dropped their second digital EP and third music video since the release of their critically acclaimed album Bayani on Massline/Rawkus. Since Bayani hit the streets in June 2007, Geologic and Sabzi have toured relentlessly, headlining sold-out shows up and down the West Coast and most recently touring with West Coast hip-hop legends Hieroglyphics and upcoming dates with GZA of Wu-Tang Clan.

Despite their rigorous touring schedule, Geo and Sabzi haven’t missed a beat in the studio, continuously cranking out new Blue Scholars tracks as well as expanding their catalog to include collaborations with local and national artists. Geo and RA Scion (of Common Market) were recently featured on Guru’s recent “Jazzmatazz: Back to the Future Mixtape.” and the digital-only release Joe Metro EP, released November 2007, featured the North By Northwest remix produced by Jake One and various guest appearances from Seattle emcees such as D. Black, Khingz, Thig Natural, Chev, and Macklemore.

In addition to their collective work, Geo and Sabzi have also pursued individual endeavors and remain integrated in the political organizing and community work that defines the essence of their music and message.

Geo is set to release new solo music under the alias Prometheus Brown, as well as continuing to work with Bayan-USA, a progressive coalition of organizations fighting for genuine freedom in the Philippines. In May 2008, he will be touring for the second time in as many years with Kiwi (formerly of Native Guns) to raise funds for the families of victims of human rights violations. Sabzi continues to solidify his standing as a premier hip-hop producer. In November 2007, he won the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle championship national finals, and recently completed production of the new Common Market full-length album entitled Tobacco Road.