Walking Chinatown – Chinatown Film Project

“Walking Chinatown” is part of The Chinatown Film Project, presented by Museum of Chinese in America. This short is about Honolulu’s Chinatown.

Same Small Boat Productions in partnership with Webfish Pacific present this video poem of Honolulu’s Chinatown where sidewalks, feet, languages, textures and rhythms reveal vibrant layers of community history. By focusing on the everyday life of Chinatown markets, the video reveals counterpoints of cultural and historical complexities to represent shifting understanding of “cultural diversity.

Walking Chinatown – Chinatown Film Project

More about the Chinatown Film Project

MOCA NY wants you to share your films, up to 7 minutes long, about your city’s Chinatown. They’re interested in large metropolitan Chinatowns as well as single strip mall Chinatowns! They want all formats, from camera phone video to Super 8mm film. This project is about re-seeing Chinatown through the eyes of filmmakers. And it’s about taking the art of filmmaking to Chinatowns the world over.

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