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Palo Alto, CA hit the film festival circuit in 2007 as the first feature film for director Brad Leong. Brad and screenwriter Tony Vallone were graduates from Palo Alto High School. They came up with the script during their freshman year of college and shot the film over summer vacation with a crew of high school and college students. It’s amazing that they were able to get access to Hollywood talent. Here’s the synopsis for Palo Alto:

Ben Savage (Boy Meets World), Johnny Lewis (The O.C.), Justin Mentell (Boston Legal) and Aaron Ashmore (Smallville) are hometown buddies in hilarious pursuit of some action on their last night of college break. With Tom Arnold as an offbeat school bus driver and mentor, the guys turn their quiet suburban town upside down as they throw caution to the wind, try to hook up with some hotties and kick some butt in this coming-of-age adventure. What happens, they never could have predicted. What they learn will change their lives forever.

Also interesting to note is that the DVD is marketing differently from the film. The DVD cover above is very “Saved by the Bell”. The screenshot from the website below paints a much darker movie. Once studios get hold of the film who know how your film will be marketed. Check out the site here.

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Palo Alto, CA Trailer

More about Brad Leong

Brad Leong began collaborating with Tony Vallone on “Palo Alto” in 2004. In addition to directing the film, he has been coordinating many technical aspects of the production including the construction of additional lights and cranes. His multifaceted passions are based in film production, corporate and independent business, freelance website design, computer generated imaging, and mechanical engineering / construction. He and Producer Dan Engelhardt founded Anchange Productions in 2002. After graduating from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC, he has several projects in development with his partners at Anchange Productions.

Brad Leong interview about Palo Alto, CA

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