The Trouble with Romance

The Trouble with Romance hit theater this weekend. It will begin its Theatrical Release at New York’s Quad Cinema theaters. The film stars cast members from “Sex & the City”, “Entourage”, “Better Luck Tomorrow”, “Two and a Half Men” and more!

In this atypical comedy about sex and relationships, THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE presents a quartet of vignettes on a disparate group of Angelenos exploring the challenges and heartaches that come with falling and staying in love. Infusing his film with a steady visual flair, director Gene Rhee has a lot to say about romance, breaking up, moving on and simply trying to recognize when you’ve found the ONE. With crisp pacing and terrific performances, Rhee’s feature debut is heart-breaking in its sincerity and emotion. The film smartly complicates its initial set-ups with fresh twists and turns, each of which reveal more and more about the nature of love, and the ever-changing desires of the heart.

One of the couple are Asian American played by Roger Fan and Emily Lui. The film was released on Warner Cable at the beginning of February.

Director Gene Rhee talking about his film THE THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE. You can watch The Quest for Length here. (Note: The Quest for Length is NSFW.)

The Trouble with Romance Trailer

Here’s a clip from the The Trouble with Romance. After you get dumped – What’s next?