Tammy and Victor Jih win Amazing Race 14

On the lush green grass of the King Kamehameha Golf Club, the eight eliminated teams from Amazing Race cheered as sibling lawyers Tammy & Victor Jih ran to the finish line where host Phil Keoghan stood. After three continents, nine countries, and 40,000 miles, Phil declared Tammy & Victor winners of THE AMAZING RACE 14 and the one million dollar prize. On the experience, Victor said, “I just tried to enjoy the race for what it was and just be true to my emotions through the highs and the lows. I just can’t believe that we’re here right now.” Tammy later added, “I don’t think this race changed completely 26 years of Victor and my relationship, but it has helped it progress. When I look back at all the crazy things that I’ve done, I learned that the nerdy little Asian girl who could barely hold up her backpack before can do quite a bit.”

Winner Victor closed with his thoughts on what the experience of the race brought him. He said, “My entire life I always feel like I’ve done what was expected of me and what was the right thing to do. This was my opportunity to do something that everyone thinks is a crazy thing to do. I’ m just so grateful I come out of it feeling like there are no walls or rules in terms of what you have to be.”

Tammy and Victor Jin win Amazing Race

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