Violinist Sue Son on Britian’s Got Talent

This isn;t really Asian American, but still Asian releated. Britian’s Got Talent has been overshadowed by Susan Boyle’s singing around the world. This week was the show’s semifinal. Susan Boyle still held the limelight, but there was an Asian British act on the show too. Violinist Sue Son dubbed the “Vixen with the Violin”. (She reminds us of violist Vannessa Mae. Anyone remember her? She supposed to a new album this year.) Well, to get on Britian’s Got Talent, the 24 year old Sue Son had to ditch her music partner keyboardist Janine Khalil. The two were best friends since the age of 17. Apparently, the judges told Sue Son to ditch her friend at the auditions and do Britian’s Got Talent alone. The judges believed that Sue Son had the talent and were “vindicated” when she made it to the semi-finals. That was as far as she got. Watch the video below.

Would you sacrifice friendship for success?

Violinist Sue Son on Britian’s Got Talent

Violinist Sue Son goes solo on Britian’s Got Talent (there’s a big difference in her appearance for her audition and the semifinals)

More about Sue Son

Sue Son has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old. She came over from South Korea when she was 9 to study at the Purcell School of Music and is still studying music now at Guildhall, specializing in the violin.

Just in Case you wanted to watch Susan Boyle perform for the semifinals