Burma VJ

Seeing all the news coverage about the Iran elections reminds us of a film we recently saw “Burma VJ”. Burma VJ shows what happens behind the scenes as citizen video journalists armed with handheld cameras shoot footage and smuggle it out of the country so that the news about what is happening continues to flow despite risking torture and life in jail. With foreign TV crews banned from Burma, only a small crew of video journalists can keep the revolution alive on TV screens around the world. As government intelligence understands the power of the camera, the VJs become their prime target.

This is a rockin’ film showing the risks the VJs take to spread the word where governments have banned foreign journalist. It gives you new appreciation to the journalists as well has the power of the Internet. Props to all the citizen video journalists doing whatever they can to show what’s going on in their country. Look for Burma VJ at a film festival near you. Check out the website here.

Burma VJ Trailer