Not One for Words by afterschoolspecial

San Diego-based afterschoolspecial has a new EP out “Not One for Words”. In their music, you can hear the influences of Beastie Boys and Linkin Park with a unique blend of hip hop, rock and soul. The EP is also produced by Pete Rocks, who plays keys for Far East Movement and owns My Ninja Clothing (worn by many Asian American music artists).

One of our favorite tracks from the EP is “Future Rockstars of America”. (not to be confused with Intel rockstars.) This song shows how they blend up hip hop, rock and soul. You can also hear the Beastie Boys influence. This track may also be used in future videos by FR*A, which also happens to be their clothing sponsor. Listen to “Future Rockstars of America” and a couple other tracks on their MySpace page. If you like the music, get your copy of “Not One for Words” at afterschoolspecial - Not One for Words

BTW – if you missed our previous post, watch the music video for Not One For Words by afterschoolspecial.

afterschoolspecial gives a shoutout to channelAPA with Dan aka Dan rockin’ the My Ninja T-shirt

Asher Roth “I Love College” Beat Boxin’ afterschoolspecial Version. (also check out dumbfoundead’s I Love Junior College)

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