The Chinatown Film Project

Since we are on a musical kick with the Disneyland Marriage Proposal, check out this musical introduction for “The Chinatown Film Project” directed by Rich Wong. It’s a short film exhibit produced for the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) in NYC. (BTW – they have a new home at 215 Centre Street in NYC. Take a peek if you get a chance.)

The Chinatown Film Project tackles Chinatown’s elusiveness and its stereotyped representations by constructing new images for the viewer. First up is New York’s Chinatown. Phase 2 is Chinatown Online. If you live near a Chinatown, you can participate too.

MOCA is looking for short films up to 7 minutes long, about your city’s Chinatown. They’re interested in Chinatowns of all shapes and sizes, from sprawling neighborhoods to lone strip malls. They’ll also take all video formats, from camera phone video to 35mm film. This project is about re-seeing Chinatown through the eyes of filmmakers. And it’s about taking the art of filmmaking to Chinatowns the world over. More details about how you can participate is here.

Chinatown Film Project

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