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Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by The Guild

The cast of The Guild released a music video yesterday. The song is pretty catchy and the lyrics are funny. Look for Sandeep Parikh (as Zaboo) and Amy Okuda (as Tinkerballa). Nice dancing by Amy and backflip by Sandeep in the music video. The video already has over 250k views.

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by The Guild

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar Lyrics

Hang with me in my MMO

So many places we can go

You’ll never see my actual face

Our love, our love will be in a virtual space

I’m craving to emote with you

So many animations I can do

Be anything you want me to be

Come on, come on, share a potion with me


Do you wanna date my Avatar

She’s a star

And she’s hotter than reality by far

Wanna date my Avatar?

You can type commands

I’ve got slots for what I hold in my hands

Don’t care what’s in your character bank

How ‘bout, How ‘bout a little tank and spank

Grab your mouse and stroke the keys

In cyberspace there’s no disease

Pick a time, send a tell to me

Just pay, just pay a small subscription fee


Single white human,

Looking for group

My stats so high

Don’t be out of the loop

Got an uber-leet staff

That you can equip

Close your mouths ladies

This is pure nerd-nip

I’m a pixel-based fantasy

A man who is stoic

I hack and slash

Who the heck’s more heroic?

Check me out:

Cloth armor

Fits me like a glove

Just twitta a time

And I’m ready for love

Hang with me in my MMO

So many places we can go

I’m better than a real world quest

You’ll touch, my plus 5 to dexterity vest

What role do you wanna play

I’m just a click away night or day

And if you think I’m not the one

Log off, Log off and we’ll be done

American Pie Teaser from Vox Merger

Vox Merger dropped a teaser for their upcoming music video “American Pie”. The song talks about the financial struggles for everyone these days. We all trying to get a slice of that American pie. BTW – there’s a cameo by model Francine Dee in the video too.

American Pie Teaser from Vox Merger

Too far west is east

Interesting video out of Japan by Takayuki Akachi. In 2003, he traveled around Asia with super 8mm film camera. The next year, he edited the archive and released his first film, “Too far west is east”. The footage used is from everyday activities by local people. Watch the music video.

“Too far west is east” is a sharp contrast from the look and style of Hibi no Neiro by SOUR. Low tech vs hi tech videos coming out of Japan.

Too far west is east

Lisa Ling visits Locke High School on Nightline

After the return of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, Lisa Ling is back doing special reports. Here’s a recent report she did for Nightline on Locke High School in South Central Los Angeles. This troubled school is a notoriously tough school. In May 2008, a brawl involving a reported 600 students broke out in the middle of campus. The school is going through a transformation with Green Dot Public Schools, a privately-funded charter organization. Lisa Ling spent a year as the school transforms. Watch her report below. You can read more here.

The report reminds us of the documentary “Whatever It Takes” and Michelle Rhee making changes in the D.C. school system.

Locke High School Transformation Part 1

Locke High School Transformation Part 2