Dr. Ken Jeong da Pimp on WWE

On Monday, Jeremy Piven and Dr. Ken Jeong (The Hangover) made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw to promote the upcoming movie The Goods : Live Hard Sell Hard. Jeremy Piven was the main host, while Dr. Ken was the hypeman and sidekick for the night. Ken Jeong was decked out as a pimp in a full-length leopard skin coat and brown felt hat. Check out the highlights below.

Although night started with fun and games, it didn’t end well for Dr. Ken. He took a hit on the head and needed to see a doctor himself. Here’s a tweet from Dr. Ken yesterday. “it wasn’t cool what cena did to me. not cool at all.”

If you were wondering why Ken Jeong was on the show, it’s probably cuz he was filming “Furry Venegeance” nearby.

Dr. Ken Jeong da Pimp on WWE

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