Target Commercial – Asian American version

Have you seen this Target commercial with an awesome Asian American family?

It stars Asian American mom “Shannon”. She’s an active mother that plays tether ball with the kids and works at a travel agency. At home, she invites the grandparents over to spend time with the kids, who like show off the latest dance moves. (One kid will be a future dancer on America’s Best Dace Crew.) With 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl), she’s gotta get stuff at Target like Oreo Cookies, market pantry granola bars, caprisun, and Suave shampoo.

Great commercial by Target. Hope to see more commercials from them. Maybe, we’ll head out to Target now and get some Oreo cookies and Caprisun. BTW – If you like cute Asian kids in commercials, check out Kylie for Windows 7.

Target Commercial – Asian American version

1 thought on “Target Commercial – Asian American version

  1. joan

    fun commercial.. it's great that Target knows that APAs are a HUGE part of their customer base. though- those look more like great grandparents than grandparents, and i LOL'ed that they had 3 sons. so asian.

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