B HERE: Make Your Mark on Hepatitis B

Join the B HERE campaign to spread the word about hepatitis B. Together, we can encourage our family, friends, and community to take action on hepatitis B. This campaign will raise awareness of hepatitis B and its impact on the Asian American community. Currently, 1 in 10 Asian Americans is living with chronic hepatitis B. And without appropriate monitoring or treatment, 1 in 4 could die from liver cancer or liver failure. 80% of liver cancer worldwide is caused by hepatitis B infection. The most common form of infection in the APA community is the transmission of the virus from a mother to a child at the time of birth.

Fortunately, chronic hepatitis B can be detected by using a simple blood test and can be managed to help prevent serious complications of liver disease. Talk to your doctor about your risk, and get yourself and your family tested for hepatitis B. Get more information here. (You can get a FREE T-shirt at the website.)

There will also be B HERE Exhibit and Live Performance at various college campuses including UC Irvine (10/5), University of Houston (10/13), and UC Davis(10/28). Performers scheduled to appear include Happyslip, David Choi, AJ Rafael, Michelle Martinez, Kaba Modern, Paul Dateh, Jessica Sanchez, and KevJumba. For details, go here.

B HERE educational video

Dr. David Ho talking about Hepatitis B

Other causes that need Asian American participation: Project Michelle and 1000 Cranes of Hope.

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