Celebrate 35 years with Hello Kitty

Wow!! Hello Kitty turns 35 this year. (Her official birthday is November 1st. We wish we’ll still look that good at 35.) What started in Japan in 1974 on a coin purse has turned into a global Hello Kitty phenomenon that has also sprouted many friends. Check out all the designs from 1974 to present. Which is the cutest design?

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Design History

Did you also know the color of Hello Kitty’s bow conveys a special message too? Red for friendship, pink for cute, yellow for heartful, green for wish and lavender for sweet.

Hello Kitty colors

Also if you’re in the Los Angeles area from October 23 to November 15, there’s a special Hello Kitty exhibit at the Royal/T art space and gallery. The “Three Apples” exhibit is a multi-dimensional exhibition and celebration of all things Hello Kitty by artists & designers around the world. Some of the exhibits include an art show, a Hello Kitty Apartment, a product retrospective, a Pop-Up Shop, and a bunch of special events. Three Apples is open to the public and free of charge. More details and pictures here.

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