Stargate Universe with Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips

Sci-Fi fans get ready for Stargate Universe (SGU). Ming-Na return to as a TV regular with SGU. Her character will be lesbian in the show. This is the first time she’s played a gay character. Lou Diamond Phillips will also be on the show as fighter pilot Colonel Telford. Great to see him back on TV. Earlier this year, he won “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.” Did you know Lou Diamond Phillips is part Asian? He’s got some Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese blood in him.

More character descriptions and videos below. Check out Stargate Universe on SyFy tonight at 9/8c.

Ming-Na as Camile Wray

A strategically savy member of the International Oversight Committee (IOA) and the highest ranking one stranded aboard the Destiny. Her Human Resources background gives her a very personal insight into all members of the Icarus program and now those aboard the Destiny. She struggles not only with being stranded from her family but also with finding her footing in the constantly changing politics of Destiny.

Lou Diamond Phillips as Col. Telford

A high ranking Colonel in the Stargate program, Telford was chosen to lead the Icarus team through the 9th chevron gate address. He is a career Air Force man with strong values, proudly in command of his superior’s respect and attention. He is the best man for the mission and no one is more aware of that than himself. He and Colonel Young have a rocky past, and while stationed on Icarus together tried to stay out of each other’s way.

Stargate Universe Trailer

Ming-Na and Lou Diamond Phillips on the Today Show. (We didn’t know Ming Na was a sci-Fi geek!!)

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