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A Ballad for Kimchi by The Calamari Retribution

Hey Kimchi lovers, watch this music video. It’s a love song to kimchi by The Calamari Retribution featuring Peter Lee and Stephanie Villanea. We’ve never seen someone sing so passionately about food, except maybe Patty Yu in the BaO Eat You Up parody. We’re feeling some kimchi right now. Who’s in?

You can also pick up the song on The Calamari Retribution - Just Because - EP - A Ballad for Kimchi (pre-release Cut).

A Ballad for Kimchi by The Calamari Retribution

Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by Taiyo Na

Peep this music video Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by New York based artist Taiyo Na from his debut album Love is Growth. It’s a nice video giving a nod to all the immigrant moms out there, not just for Asians but for all people. Shot in Philadelphia’s Chinatown and Love Park, the video’s visuals were influenced by old footage of the late poet Al Robles at the I-Hotel from “Manilatown in the Heart”. Props to Taiyo Na, director Gary San Angel, and the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia for bringing this collaborative project together.

Here’s a statement by Taiyo Na about the music video

The footage of the families are tender and strong. The portraits of the people in Love Park are luminous and stunning. When I watch this music video, I am reminded of why I do what I do. I hope it does the same for you. I hope these faces bring you back to the reasons why you do legal work or medical work, why you teach, write, work at that non-profit, take those classes, work the 9 to 5, make art… why you care.

If you like Taiyo Na’s music pick up his songs at Taiyo Na - Love Is Growth or on Amazon.

Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by Taiyo Na

For more commentary about the video see Taiyo Na’s comments here and director Gary San Angel’s comments here.

I Just Want You by the AJ Rafael Band

AJ Rafael formed a band when he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. The AJ Rafael has played a few times already and recorded over the summer. They’re trying to create a whole album over the course of next spring. Check out their first release from AJ Rafael’s song “I Just Want You”. The song has come a long way from his original song on a ukulele. You can get the song on AJ Rafael - I Just Want You.

BTW – did you check out his song MidKnight?

I Just Want You by the AJ Rafael Band

I Just Want You by the AJ Rafael (Original)

Lyrics for I Just Want You by the AJ Rafael

Theres something I gotta say to you

But im so afraid of what you’ll doo


I’ll just admit this to you now

That Im stuck on you like glue somehow

Don’t wanna feel so cold inside

I wanna feel the warmth that I feel with you all the time

Surrounding me just like the wind

Cuz youre the one who makes me sing

Help me find myself like how I found you oh

I need you so we can live happily too ohh

I just want you

I wanna go out with you tonight

A picnic with candlelight

I might just hold you tight

Tell me you wanna be my queen

If not it’s ok a princess seems just my type I promise I’ll be there tonight

I’ll keep you warm in winter’s white

And in the summer walks on beach sound nice

I want you now to talk with on the phone for hours at a time

Baby I just want you to be mine all mine

i wanna be ur valentine ur Christmas wish ur pickup line

I wanna be the one who knows about ur friends and foes and the tv shows you love

Look above the stars spell out ur name with an exclamation point at the end of the
day ur the one who makes me say

Map The Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Dumbfoundead was part of the Map the Soul tour earlier this year. He drops a 16 for his Map the Soul fam in his song. If you like it, download it FREE here.

Map the Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Lyrics for Map The Soul 16 by Dumbfoundead

Allow me to introduce myself, 내 이름은 Dumbfoundead

you might’ve heard a few verses on Epik High’s newest album

rocksteady and maze, they were very amazed

it spread around the world like my bars carried a plague

met the map the soul fam when they were touring the states

i was hungry as an emcee and wanted more on my plate

me and Tablo were kicking freestyles in the backstage

a match made in hip-hop heaven like adidas shelltoes and fat laces

MYK from the Bay to LA my brother from another mother

like our brains are the same, we radiate day

cause we’re living in a cold world, i’ve seen the Planet Shiver

and they’re bass will make your toes curl

and the homie Dok2 i call him the youngest OG

yall better cop that Thunderground muzik and listen closely

Mithra Jin that be my main 형

even when Tukutz is away we remain one!

Scratches by: DJ Zo

Dawen "American Me" Tour in New York

What better way to spread the news that you’ll be coming to New York than your own rendition of “Empire State of Mind”? Dawen is coming to New York this weekend with his “American Me” Tour. He’s doing 4 shows in 4 days with special solo acoustic versions of songs off his debut album “American Me“, as well as playing with special guests Alfa and Cynthia Lin on certain dates. You can RSVP here.

Check out his “Wake Up” music video too.

Dawen “American Me” Tour in New York

Galaxies: The Next Level by Mountain Brothers

Here’s s flashback to the 90’s. It’s Galaxies: The Next Level by Mountain Brothers. The music video was directed by Chris Chan Lee and Richard Kim. You can also see a younger CHOPS from back in the day. Peep CHOPS new beats off his mixtapes. Good the see Asian American collabos still going strong out there. Chris Chan Lee also recently did a music video for Big Phony for Words That Define.

Galaxies: The Next Level by Mountain Brothers