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DIY Music video contest

Are you a musician or band looking to get a music video made? Are you a filmmaker who wants to make a music video? If you fit into either category the DIY Music video contest may be for you. Locus@KSW will match you up with a band or filmmaker.

No prior experience with making music videos is necessary. Also no to low budget will be used to make the music videos. You’d be surprised what some creativity can do. Check out details here. Check out some of the winning videos from last year here.

Last year’s popular vote winner Mud’s Careless

Glee albums and DVDs

Glee fans. December is your month GLEE CDs and DVDs are getting released this month. Today is the release of Glee: The Music, Volume 2. You can get it on Glee Cast - Glee - The Music, Vol. 2 or at Amazon.

Later this month is the DVD release Glee, Vol. One: Road to Sectionals. Unfortunately, it won’t be out until after Christmas. You can get it at Amazon
Download digital episodes of Glee on Glee - Glee, Season 1 - Pilot - Director's Cut as well as the soundtrack (Glee – The Music, Vol. 1) from Glee Cast - Glee - The Music, Vol. 1.

Here’s Jenna Ushkowitz singing True Colors from a recent Glee episode.

Jennifer Chung on MTV Iggy

Check out this interview with Jennifer Chung on MTV Iggy. As one of YouTube’s Most Subscribed Musicians of All Time, Jennifer is known for her down-to-earth persona and powerful pipes to match. She has begun composing her own original tracks and is set to embark on a fruitful recording career – all while still in college! Also check out her “Common, Simple, Beautiful” EP. Get her album on Jennifer Chung - Common Simple Beautiful - EP

Jennifer Chung on MTV Iggy

Jennifer Chung singing “Very Last Time,” a lovely new song about emotional resilience and finding the strength to move on.

Asian students protest violence at South Philly High

Asian students at South Philly High are breaking the stereotype of the quiet immigrant kid. Tensions between black and Asian students at the school erupted in assaults last week. Ten students were suspended and several sought medical treatment. Fearing for their safety, about 50-100 Philadelphia high school students are boycotting the school until things get fixed. Apparently, the bullying has been reported before to the school district, but it has done nothing to change the situation.

Philly school district get your act together.

Local ABC coverage of Asian student protest

Local CBS coverage of Asian student protest

Local FOX coverage of Asian student protest

Local NBC coverage of Asian student protest

On the Clock Trailer

The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) has entered the fray for web series with On the Clock. CAAM is known for putting on the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAFF) as well as funding some of the film and documentaries showing at your local film festival. They’ve got a lot of talented people there, so we’re looking forward to their web series.

On the Clock will be a bi-weekly web series. Follow their random adventures, in and out of the office, as they get serious work done. The 2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is right around the corner.

On the Clock Trailer

Lumina director Jennifer Thym talks about the web series

Former banker Jennifer Thym has always wanted to make films. The 35-year-old American-Chinese quit her job two years ago to pursue her lifelong dream, drawing US$50,000 from her own account. The result is Lumina, an original web series shot and produced in Hong Kong. In this interview, Thym discusses production on Lumina and why she chose digital distribution over traditional routes.

A second season of Lumina is in the works with JuJu Chan and Michael Chan. Look for more viewer interactivity in Season 2.

Lumina director Jennifer Thym talks about the web series