Daily Archives: December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from kevjumba and his dad

Here’s a Christmas greeting from kevjumba and his dad. It’ll put a smile on your face for the holidays. They even wear matching Christmas sweaters. Check out a couple other videos with Kevjumba and his dad : What we HATE about Each Other and My Dad is NOT a DILF.

Merry Christmas from channelAPA.com!! Share your love with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas from kevjumba and his dad

The Christmas Song

Merry Christmas from channelAPA.com!!

Enjoy some holiday music from you favorite Asian American singers. Listen to more holiday tunes from Undercover Christmas, singingdork888, Kristine Sa. Happyslip, Zach Kim, Paul Dateh, Legaci, and IBU

The Christmas Song by Gabe Bondoc

The Christmas Song by Clara Chung (she was voted International Secret Agent Breakout Performer for the latest ISA concert)

The Christmas Song by Paul Dateh and Ken Belcher