David Choi 2009 recap

2009 was a breakout year for David Choi. He’s one of the top subscribed musicians on YouTube. Being on YouTube is one thing, but doing a live performance is a different ballgame. He did performances at Kollaboration 9 (see the Kollaboration 9 trailer), ISA LA 2009, and even did his own tour on the West Coast and Korea.

International Secret Agents (ISA) connected David Choi with the guys of Wong Fu Productions. From this collabo, his first official music video was produced for his song “Won’t Even Start“. (They clearly had some fun. See Wong Fu Productions vs David Choi). Things didn’t stop there. He appeared in a couple Wong Fu shorts giving Back to School tips and divulging his Vlogging secrets.

He had both serious and fun videos on his YouTube channel. On the serios side, he had great commentary on America’s Got Talent, Michael Jackson’s passing, and of course his race video. He also leveraged technology to do some interesting things like his interactive album on YouTube and all his multi David Choi(s) videos (I Fart Like Everyone, I Gotta Feeling, Fireflies, and Tik Tok). His video of I Gotta Feeling got the attention of both Ashton Kutcher and Ryan Seacrest.

We’re looking forward to what David Choi will come out with in 2010.

David Choi 2009 recap

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