Google Nexus One x Mike Relm

Here’s a sick video from DJ Mike Relm. It features the Nexus One that Google gave him. Since Mike Relm can’t dance, he called upon Jonathan “Bionic” Bayani from Supreme Soul. (Remember them from America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2?) It’s an interesting collabo. You need to watch the video to understand. Very cool concept. Mike Relm produced the track “Wait (The Nexus)” featuring Chantal Claret and directed the video. This guy is majorly talented.

Google Nexus One x Mike Relm

See more videos by Mike Relm : Scratch Everything, Clown Alley, DJ Mike Relm at YouTube Live, Office Space Remix at 2009 Webby Awards, and Obama Fly. Also recent interviews Mike Relm x Lyrics Born and Mike Relm on Wired

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