Way Out by Audio Fiction

We just learned about NYC indie rock band Audio Fiction. One of the band members is Charles Park, one of the best gifted Asian guitar players around. We hear he does a stunning performance on his guitar at a live shows. BTW – He plays some amazing guitar solos throughout the Audio Fiction album. Listen to some of the guitar riffs in their track “Way Out” and “Suffocate”.

The group has been compared them to Garbage and No Doubt, but with a splash of 80’s retro chic. Audio Fiction has lots of buzz out in NYC already in a variety of online and print outlets. If you wanna check out some of their music, the band is offering a couple complimentary downloads for FREE here. (Check out Suffocate for lots of guitar action.) If you like what you hear, consider getting their album on Audio Fiction - Audio Fiction or at Amazon

For those in NYC, Charles Park and the rest of Audio Fiction takes the stage at Pianos on January 28, 2010 at 9pm

Way Out by Audio Fiction

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