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Blueprint Cru on America’s Best Dance Crew

Keep your eyes on former “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” contestant Thien-Linh Truong on America’s Best Dance Crew tonight as part of Blueprint Cru. They’re the first Canadian Cru on the show. Will Canada be the best Dance Cru? Here’s more about the crew:

This Canadian crew is out to storm the home of hip-hop and demonstrate a level of synchronicity never seen before. Being the first-ever foreign crew to compete on “ABDC,” Blueprint has a lot to prove. Their motto is “Precision, precision and precision.” Every move this crew does, they do as one, moving together. This dance crew is run like an army, training hard to look like one unit, to learn the origin of the move and then striving to perfect them. This perfectionist crew doesn’t believe in tricks and stunts, they believe in unified movements down to every minute detail.

Other dance crews to watch for are The Hype 5-0, Swagger Crew, and Static Noyze.

Blueprint Crew – ABDC auditions in New York

Blueprint Cru interview

MTV interview with Blueprint Cru

Down by Legaci x Summerbreeze

It’s another collabo between Legaci and Summerbreeze. This time they do their rendition of Down by Jay Sean. Summerbreeze aka Amiel Maquilan is on fire with the acoustic guitar in the video. As usual, Legaci delivers another great performance. If you like this rendidtion, you can download it FREE here.

BTW – Their last collaboration Replay by Legaci x Summerbreeze has almost reached 1 million views.

Down by Legaci x Summerbreeze

Hope for Natalie – bone marrow donor needed

This is such a sad story and reinforces the need for Asian Americans to be bone marrow donors. (Also see Project Michelle, 1,000 Cranes for Hope, and Nick Glasgow.) Watch this heartbreaking video from Natalie’s younger sister’s perspective.

Natalie is 8yrs old and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia. (AML – acute myeloid leukemia) After 5 rounds of chemo, Natalie was in remission, but as of 1/19/10 her cancer returned. Her only chance for survival is a bone marrow transplant. Please register to donate. You could be the one to save her life. Go to dkmsamericas.org or hopefornatalie.com

The current odds for an ethnic minority patient, like Natalie to find a matching unrelated donor may be close to 1 in a million. This is the reason they are trying so hard to reach as many people in the Asian population as possible. The more Asians we get swabbed, the more likely Natalie will find her “Needle In A Hay-Stack” match. Please spread the word to get people interested in the fight to SAVE Natalie’s life.

Recently, Alyssa Milano sent a twitter message out about Natalie. See it here.

Hope for Natalie


The FAR EAST MOVEMENT hit the Interscope Records office to bomb the Cherrytree Records headquarters for a live performance on the Cherrytree House acoustic sessions on Cherrytreerecords.com. Instead of rocking an acoustic set, FM turns the Cherrytree office into Club Cherrybomb and performs a new song off their upcoming album currently being worked on. This is a preview of the performance and the first glimpse of the song “GO APE”. DJ BrassMonkey in the house.

Look for the next Far East Movement album to drop late 2010. The album won’t disappoint with music like this. We can’t wait.


Previous episodes:









Jam Session 2.0 TV coverage

In less than 2 weeks, Jam Session 2.0 has garnered the attention of the media. Props to the guys over a Cain Mosni (Kevin Lee & Brian Lee) for conceptualizing the virtual Jam Session featuring the likes of dumbfoundead and Esna Yoon. Take a peek at some of the coverage. (dumbfoundead knows how to make viral videos. See dumbfoundead vs tantrum and Dumbfoundead Freestyle Battle Knock Out Fight.)

Brian Lee of Cain Mosni on NBC in LA. He talks about how the video was made. The instrumentals with piano and drums we laid down first. Then the singing including vocals in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). The people in Jam Session 2.0 may be planning to do the performance live in the future.

CNN coverage

Epic Fu coverage (see 2:55 mark)

Tik Tok by Michelle Martinez x Summerbreeze

Summerbreeze joins Michelle Martinez doing a collabo for Tik Tok by Ke$sha. Michelle Martinez kills on this collabo. Look for a break out year for her including her debut album. (The collabo Summmerbreeze did with Legaci for Replay is almost at 1 million view already. Another Legaci x summerbreeze collabo drops soon.)

BTW – if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to see Michelle Martinez this weekend at the Go! Style Concert and her birthday party.

Tik Tok by Michelle Martinez x summerbreeze

Also check out David Choi’s version of Tik Tok.