I Don’t Care by J Reyez

Here’s a short music video for I Don’t Care by J Reyez. He don’t care if people hate on him, he’s gonna still do what he gonna do. Listen to the beats and lyrics. It’s got autobiographical elements to it. Definitely feelin’ this. If you like the song, you can down load the track here and the video here.

BTW – also look for J Reyez in the Say Ahh – Asian American Remix.

I Don’t Care by J Reyez

(verse 1)

you don’t like me but you still ain’t neglecting me

you kids listen but it seems you pretend to be

another friend to me but I sense an enemy

I got the realest in the city that respectin’ me and my grind

Staffz already perfect the beat

the image that you have, it ain’t reflecting me

it reflects you, everything that you wanna be

sorry kid them wack rhymes don’t belong to me

so please get them bars and escort em out

bring in the fresh lines, and go record it dow
support or doubt, but my flow I gotta polish

dropped out, and I didn’t make it to college

label me stupid or whatever you call it

I’m gonna try hard with the best of my knowledge

J to the Rise, no fallin’

maybe one day I can say that I’m ballin’


it’s a day and night grind, days to weeks

basically I don’t care if you can hate on me

it’s a day and night grind and I’m doing my thing

if you made it this far, you should be doing the same

and if you talking my name I don’t care

you can say what you say I don’t care

if it’s all about the fame, I don’t care

you can say what you say, I don’t care

(verse 2)

it’s been 2 years and I’m trying to get my grind on

snakes in the game, I stay away from the pythons

your a local, I’m in another timezone

don’t get it twisted cuz I’m not a cyclone

we in a city too good for their own

everybody just looks but they don’t wanna approach you

and everybody always thinking you got dough

and they listen to the tracks but they act like they don’t know you

but I do what I do and I move on

cuz I’m trying make bread like crouton

and yeah, I like to make music notes

it’s really dope and it something that you should know

every time you talk shit I use it to promote

my rhymes clean but I ain’t even using soap

the time keeps ticking like a metronome

money on the table the musics what I bet it on

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