Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS commercial

Sweet Holy Moly. You might have seen the new Metro PCS commercials with Indian tech support pitchmen Ranjit and Chad. They’re selling you the Metro PCS on their Tech and Talk “talk” show. (Way better than the Scotch Korean Starburst commercials.) A you can see from the picture their down with the American hip hop culture.

We’re definitely seeing more Indian Americans on TV. Unlike this commercial, most don’t have an Indian accent including Daniel Pudi on Community, Aziz Ansari on Parks and Recreation, Mindy Kaling on The Office, and Maulik Pancholy on 30 Rock and Weeds to name a few. Some still have accents like Kunal Nayyar on Big Bang Theory and a slight accent for Iqbal Theba on GLEE. It’s just a matter of time before commercials will lose the accent too.

BTW – look for more Indian American comedies to appear on TV soon. Some say it’s the Slumdog Millionaire effect.

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MetroPCS Commercial Tech & Talk: Shaming

MetroPCS Commercial Tech & Talk: Charmer

Update: New Tech & Talk Metro PCS commercials added

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58 thoughts on “Indian pitchmen for Metro PCS commercial

  1. Aidensdaddy2k9

    This may be an old post, but it should be updated with this recent news. Here it is, 8/31/11 with less than two weeks before the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. And Metro’s most recent commercial with these two knuckleheads has them portraying two of our founding fathers, one of them being George Washington. I didn’t see the rest of the commercial because I was so offensively disgusted by it, I turned it off after 3 seconds. I know that these guys are indian, but its the principle of the matter and the lack of tact and taste put forth by Metro PCS. They should not be airing this type of commercial so close to the anniversary of the worst terrorist act on our nations soil. Yes I know, they’re indian, but the fact remains they look like terrorists and they’re portraying two of our founding fathers. It is an insult to this country, an insult to two of our founding fathers, and an insult to everyone that died in that tragedy and those that lost someone that day. The commercial should be pulled immediately!!

  2. Cee

    Dude, you yourself keep saying “Yes, I know they’re Indian”, which I hope you realize is a country that has nothing to do with what happened during 9/11. These are completely different cultures, so trying to lump them into one group of people that look have a similar skin tone but separate histories, religion, language, etc is an insult in itself.

    Also, “…the fact remains they look like terrorists”… wow. Must unprogressive and uneducated, racist comment I’ve read in a while. You’re forgetting one of the main principles the US is based on, which is diversity. I do hope you are just trolling.

    PS. Not all people of a given ethnic group are terrorists. You probably know that, but obviously don’t understand the concept yet.

  3. RD

    Dear aidens whatever – racist and stupid. This is a country of immigrants- my founding fathers – whom I can trace back to Jamestown – were immigrants too, and the REAL original founders of this country, the Native Americans – saved them from starving to death. YOU are offensive in your blatant rasicm – ignorant, uneducated, and RACIST.

  4. Konoki

    I really believe the commercials are done in bad taste with so many still out of work and so many jobs going to other countries it offends a large portion of their customer base. Personally I would not support a company who can make such light of it in these economic times. To the guy who thinks all Indians are terrorist does that mean all white people are KKK and all black people are thugs? No I don’t think so, they are over here paying their taxes and doing the same thing the rest of the Americans are. As for the two people who are acting in the commercials I feel they are stereotyping their own people and projecting a negative image.

  5. Aidensdaddy2k9

    Thanks for your comments, I’m serious. No sarcasm here. I look back on what I posted, as well as your responses, and I do see that I was in error. It was not my intent to be racist and a racist person I am not. I simply overreacted and let it cloud my judgement. I apologize for my comments and that they offended you. They were completely wrong, I see that now.

  6. Alissa

    My husband is Indian and finds these commercials hilarious…it’s one of the few commercials he pays attention to. Myself, a snow white American, see no resemblance to terrorists AT ALL in this commercial nor am I aware of India being listed as an “Axis of Evil” country. My husband’s cousin lost his life in one of the towers and would never even think of making a connection between this commercial and 9/11. I do appreciate your apology.

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