8-bit Rebellion Game by Linkin Park

This ones for the old school gamers and Linkin Park fans. Linkin Park is breaking into the video game industry with the 8-bit Rebellion Video Game for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Enter the 8-bit world of Linkin Park and stop the evil PixxelKorp from an HD takeover. Create your own character, explore each band member’s unique district in the Linkin Park world, and play together in real-time with your friends from around the globe. Become and 8-bit hero! Fight in the rebellion to unlock tracks that come together to form a BRAND NEW, UNRELEASED LINKIN PARK SONG!

If you’ve ever played an NES, you’ll appreciate this game. 8-bit Rebellion is reminiscent of River City Ransom. Who remembers that game?

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8-bit Rebellion Game by Linkin Park

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