Bart Kwan from Just Kidding Films

Bart Kwan from Just Kidding Films released a video talking about giving up his potential career as a health professional to pursue comedy. Choosing this new path is not easy in an Asian/Asian American family. Parents want their kids to be doctors, lawyers, etc. Although it wasn’t easy, he managed to get parental approval for his new comedic career. On his new YouTube channel, he’ll be chronicling his journey though his ups and downs on his way to being a comedian. Accompany him on his journey to “success or homelessness.” Good Luck, Bart!

Bart Kwan from Just Kidding Films

4 thoughts on “Bart Kwan from Just Kidding Films

  1. Anna

    I love Bart! He is so inspirational and funny. Good luck! You have my support every step of the way.

  2. Steven Edward Aanes

    Mazel tov on the routines!
    Hope you make it big time! You deserve it.

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Katie

    Hey Bart,
    i know how you feel my family is like that but the opposite! My parents said i wouldnt amount to anything and when i told them i wanted to be a performer they laughed in my face. Now i am performing and never happier and still climbing my way up! i know you’ll make it in comedy i think you’re hilarious! i’ll be rooting for you!

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