OMG Dance by Jeremy Crooks

Check out the dance moves by Jeremy Crooks to the music of OMG by Usher. (Jeremy looking a bit like Usher in this video.) Not only can this guy dance, but he can sing too. Last month, we posted his single Faith, which has been a favorite among readers. Look for his new single “CHANGE” coming out soon on Jaeson Ma‘s album.

OMG Dance by Jeremy Crooks

5 thoughts on “OMG Dance by Jeremy Crooks

  1. Sharney charles

    Omggggggg your actually amazing lol maybe you should publish it on facebook and everyone can see if youd like ill put it on my page and make it a chain mail so people have to send it roud i think your really good though 🙂 xx good luck yoy never know you might become famous 😀 x

  2. Neil Hunter

    OMG! This guy is the best dancer I have every seen. This guy will be know worldwide very soon.
    Keep them coming Jeremy!!

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