When We Say (Juicebox) by AJ Rafael x Wong Fu Productions

AJ Rafael x Wong Fu Productions - "When We Say (Juicebox)"

Wong Fu Productions have finally released their long awaited music video collaboration with AJ Rafael. We saw a teaser for When We Saya few weeks ago. Now the official music video is online and it’s been getting some great feedback.

The song revolves around lost love. Love and relationships are never like the movies no matter how much we want them to be. But when something beautiful ends, for whatever reason, it’s most important not to be disappointed that it’s over, but glad that it happened at all.

Here’s some commentary from Wong Fu Productions:

In terms of story, we tried to distance it from the lyrics while still hitting certain points. The song is about not being with the one you want. But we wanted to finish on a positive note. In the end, the feeling is actually of hope and thankfulness rather than bitterness and frustration. Everyone can relate to the lyrics and the video is no different. We all catch ourselves thinking of a certain someone. We find ourselves overwhelmed with emotion and memory when we see them, hear them, touch them. And not every story ends the way we think it will. The question is what you will take away from the experience.

See more Wong Fu Productions commentary here. BTW – if you want the song, get the “Juicebox EP” on AJ Raphael - Juicebox EP! Also check out some of Wong Fu’s other music videos: Won’t Even Start, Red Light, and Dance Like Michael Jackson. (Wong Fu Productions really do a good job with videos about lost love)

When We Say (Juicebox) by AJ Rafael x Wong Fu Productions

Here’s a couple other fun facts about the music video:
– Noelle (female lead) and AJ Rafael have been friends since middle school!
– Timothy DeLa Ghetto (aka Traphik) came by the first day of shooting. He and JR Aquino were on the side making a video of their own (see Nothing On You by JR Aquino x Traphik) while the shoot was taking place. You can see Wong Fu Productions in the in the background of that vid at 2:53.
– The stool, which Noelle sits on at the loading dock, is the same stool from David Choi’s “Won’t Even Start” music video that we made. Recognize it?
– Although there was a Minute Maid juicebox, the music video was not sponsored by them.

When We Say (Juicebox) – Behind the scenes

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