East of Main Street : Asians Aloud on HBO

East of Main Street : Asians Aloud on HBO

In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, HBO presents a collection of perspectives from a diverse group of Asian Americans. We got a chance to see this the other day. It’s an interesting cross section of Asian Americans. The people behind the project went through over 400 story submissions from the Asian American community, met with almost 100 finalists, and then chose their final 14 stories, all in just a few weeks time. Among the stories are recent immigrants, 1st & 2nd generation, East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian. From religion to politics, from cultural identity to ethnic identity, the documentary is an exploration into perspectives and lives of not only Asians who left their lives half a world away to come to the US, but also those who have always called America home. Some of the people in the 39 minute documentary include director Christine Choy, poet Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, and Kit Yan from Good Asian Drivers. The last two guys (Korean adoptees) in the documentary had perhaps the most funny and interesting story.

You can catch East of Main Street : Asians Aloud throughout the month of May featured HBO On Demand. You can find them all on the “Asian Heritage” tab in the “Movies” category. For Comcast subscribers, you can watch it free if you go to Top Picks on Comcast On Demand and then in the folder Asian Entertainment under Specials or go here online.

East of Main Street : Asians Aloud trailer

East of Main Street : Asians Aloud

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