If I Was Like You by Wesley Du

The channelAPA.com crew met director Wesley Du at the 2010 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. His short film “If I Was Like You” premiered at the 2009 DC APA Film Festival, but hasn’t gotten into the Asian American film festival circuit due to its controversial and edgy theme. Here’s a synopsis:

Living in South Central Los Angeles, Billy finds it impossible to fit in. His father, Daniel, finds it impossible to live without Billy and goes to extremes to take matters into his own hands.

This short definitely challenges the audience and doesn’t provide easy answers. Hopefully, this piece can be used to open up dialogue about racial tensions that occur between the Asian American and African American communities, especially when violence is a factor. You can see some of the online discussions about the short here.

what’s your reaction to this short? What kind of emotions do you feel as you watch the film? Should this short have more visibility on the Asian American film festival circuit?

If I Was Like You – Part 1 (contains profanity and violence)

If I Was Like You – Part 2 (contains profanity and violence)

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