The Man from North Korea Trailer

The Man from North Korea Trailer
Arowana Films release a trailer for The Man from North Korea. Far East Movement fans will notice two big things in this trailer J-Splif is the main character and I Party playing in it. Here’s more about the webisode:

This is a story about a North Korean refugee, JAE, who comes to Los Angeles to speak at a human rights conference about the situation in North Korea. His arrival has brought a lot of attention and although his journey is righteous there will be consequences to his delivery. This whole quest takes place in one nite in Los Angeles’s ethnic enclave known as K-Town.

Coming June 1st

Shot and edited over a year ago, with a script in development…we are finally releasing the first webisode now.

The guys of FM breaking in to acting. (See Love, Kills xx featuring Far East Movement). If you’re following along on, you’ll also see some Ktown Cowboys in the web series like Lanny Joon and Danny Cho. Danny most likely reprising his role of Kim Jong Il.

Also check out To Dream by Arowana Films.

The Man from North Korea Trailer

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