K.i.D Cypher – Round 3

K.i.D Cypher - Round 3

In the latest K.i.D. cypher round 3, Lil Crazed collaborated with the top five off his Chapter 2: Famine mixtape. The contestants joined Lil Crazed in spitting rhymes over an R Productions track. (The guy behind the “Here we go Yall” cypher.) Keep your eyes on Lil Crazed, Alo, and City Boy.

K.i.D Cypher – Round 3 (contains profanity)

Making the beats for K.i.D Cypher – Round 3

coming soon

(Lil Crazed)
mr. king in disguise, i’m the lost son of Larry, (Larry King)
i feed off beats like a feast so no need for CULINARY
see i’m a HOT DOG, very, but dont need a BUN
tips unnecessary, my delivery aint a PIZZA run
and i dont need a gun to blast like a nasa shuttle,
i got fans that rock with me like gravel brother
and ya’ll do “not” (knot) a lot like laces
so hate on me and take an L, Loss (Las) like Vegas,
round 3 shots cypher, i’m on fire,
flow leave you rocky like eye of the tiger,
i must advise ya, i rise like a geyser ,
every time i rhyme, i grind, and shine, and you can ask the sun, (son) Alijah
and Isaac too, see I’m the truth, see,
can’t take out the wisdom that’s in me, i’m not a tooth see,
compared to bruce lee or mohammad ali
so when i face all you “Challengers” you couldn’t DODGE me

I rap wit’ alotta energy like a fully charged phone
You ain’t hard you’re only tough when the bullies not home
But now I’m here, Ima tell you loud and clear, I’m so strong the cows is feared
Get buck I’ll plow you deers, You can’t be this great in 1,000 years
My wordplay sick, y’all wack I heard they shit, I’m smart wit my words, I’ll make a nerd pray quick
I get money everyday I ain’t talkin’ ’bout birthday rich
But lemme slow It down for you slow listeners
I come wit’ ancient bars like an old prisoner
I did ya girl but now I’m so sick of her
Shout outs to the K.i.D, I get better day by weeks
I dare you to say I’m weak, I’ll take my feet and kick y’all
You can say I’m Lee like Bruce
Y’all can’t drink my juice
Don’t get mad cuz ya girl think I’m cute
I’m thick y’all thin I can see right through y’all
You’re done unlike me I’m too raw
This track is crazy and my voice is so irritatin’
It’s your choice to go hear and hate it
I’m at the top of the attic and you boys is so near the basement
Okay I’m done that’s it, flow great I run rap bitch!

(A Lo)
Got this game on LOCK, all you wack guys can’t try and steal the KEY
Fact, I’m rap’s SWINE, ain’t nobody ILL as me
Call my track’s rhymes FLAT LINES when I KILL A BEAT
FLY kid, AUTO PILOT, hear the JET sound
Open your eyelids, watch me making
More CHANGE with these BARS than SLOTS IN VEGAS
MLB when I make a HIT
When I shout these words, take a hint
‘Cause you about to get SERVED like I’m CATERIN’
If you think you SHINE? LIGHTS OUT
If you think you GRIND? WIPEOUT
If you wait for your time, time’s out
I’ll tell you when it’s mine, right now
Write down the words like a verse from the Psalms
So give my vids 5 STARS ’til your hurtin’ your PALMS
Pipe down for this voice, PLAYIN’ isn’t worth it man
This boy’s JIM JOYCE to your PERFECT GAME

(City Boy)
I’m w/ the K.i.D’s like a missin’ list
You won’t get props, Bitch you actin’, flip the script
These hoes know I get around like a buisness trip
So sick, you ain’t fuckin’ w/ me like sphyillis
You now rockin’ w/ the K.i.D’s
Still young, I’m goin’ in like a fake ID
I’m the hardest when I write bruh
Top 5, Man, I wasn’t hungry nuff for Famine cus I’m starvin’ for the cypher!
I’m going in like a front door, knock me
City Boy, Derez Brown, you not me, why?
I’m so hard its nothin’, on this R production
I gets far from somethin’, And your broad we fuckin’!
So Siryss in her mouth, Certifyde is in ya damn hoe
Alo gon’ make the bitch call up ya damn phone
Top 5 fuckin’ her, Damn bro
You say you make her pussy whistle, but we leave it singin’ like Ramzo! HAAANH!?

Here comes the youngin, he STUNTIN when he got NOTHING
I’m something that you got BLOWING in your trunk like a TRUMPET
Bumpinn’ my music it’s sick man , just FACE it , take this , you PRETTY BOY rappers get a FACELIFT..
I rock it better , stop it never , i got (23-DOUBLE Syllable Rhymes = … ) 21 flavors like DR. PEPPER..
And while you’re hurtinn’ in your skinny jeans , i can wear a hoodie THREE times too big and STILL be getting green
You gettinn’ me , i get OFF when i’m SWERVING
Turn this shit off, your ears DON’T deserve me
Stop me? nah.. yeah i know i’m cocky but i’m ILLY dude
And i don’t care if you’re “UNDERGROUND” Cuz ain’t nobody DIGGING YOU!
So press REWIND , cuz you know i’m hot , get me..
You get LEFT.. BEHIND but NO i’m not SLIP-ing’ likee..
Slip-Knot , i trip NOT , so take me be
How you hating when you ain’t got no tracks , like a BLANK CD..

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