Unheard Voices from the BP Oil Spill

Unheard Voices from the BP Oil Spill

Like the documentary A Village of Versailles told the story of the Asian community during Hurricane Katrina, Green for All is giving a voice to the Vietnamese community affected by the BP Oil Spill. Besides the ecological disaster, an economic disaster is sweeping through the communities in the region. For the Asian American community, the catastrophe is further compounded by lack of translators to foster communication and economic relief options. With a heavy base in the fishing industry, the local Vietnamese community has been one of the hardest hit. Local leaders are working to create quality, long-term green jobs to offset the economic costs of the oil spill. Check out some of these stories that you won’t hear on TV or news reports. Listen to the unheard voices from the BP Oil Spill.

Thousands of Americans whose livelihoods depend on the waters of the Gulf Coast are now scrambling to make ends meet. Here’s the story of Theresa Seafood Inc. :

Louisiana US Representative Joesph Cao and local residents share their stories

The Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corporation supports New Orleans East, a large Vietnamese and African-American community. It provides business development, affordable housing, urban farm, community organizing, social services, healthcare outreach, and environmental justice programs. Now, it is hoping its plans for a 28-acre Viet Village Urban Farm can help lead New Orleans to a sustainable future. This farm will create green jobs and provide healthy food to the community. The organization is hoping to break ground in 2011. Learn more about the Viet Village Urban Garden

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