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Choose your own Adventure Cypher

enter . Our online store has gathered all the best medical deals on the market. 24/7 Phone Support. Get Glucophage Buy Uk special reduced price. Choose your own Adventure Cypher Dumbfoundead and Wax have taken a page from the “Choose your own Adventure” books with their latest cypher. Unlike most cyphers, where the next person is called out, anybody can participate in this cypher as many times as they want. Just make your own video that continues the story. Upload the video and post it as a video response to this video. Next Wednesday, the winner will be chosen and posted. That video will then become part of the official story and the cypher will continue from there. The cypher will continue for 8 weeks and end up with a ten episode long story.

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Week 1 – rapper Dumbfounded with beats by d.C. soulplusmind
Week 2 – rapper Wax with beats by d.C. soulplusmind
Week 3 – rapper Koncrete with beats “That Umph” by EOM
Week 4 – rapper Sampson Sneed with beats “Waterworks” by Max Zims
Week 5 – rapper The Spook with beats “Impeach the President” by Jonesy

Week 6 – rappers The Retar Crew with beats “Ventriloquist” by Vikto

Chloe Wang

Chloe Wang

The teenage singing phenomenon Chloe Wang burst on the China scene a year ago. The half Chinese American entertainer from Chicago created her first music video in Mandarin & English and performed live at a concert before 30,000 people seemingly overnight. She didn’t have much experience dancing and singing at the same time, but her determination brought her through.

Chloé was born to a Chinese father and an American mother. Although she was born and raised in the US, she always had an interest in learning about her Chinese roots. Chloé’s grandmother left Shanghai for America in 1957, and worked as the Head of International Fashion for the New York Times. Her curiosity and passion to learn about her Chinese heritage led her to China, where she is determined to start her music career.

Not only is she developing her career in China, but she’s also taking cracks at the US market. She’ll be one of the hosts along with Nick Cannon and Aaron Fresh on the upcoming show The Nightlife on Teen Nick. Look for her Thursday nights in August.

Chloe Wang

Fool for Love (De Mai Tinh)

Fool for Love (De Mai Tinh)

Fool for Love (De Mai Tinh), the box office hit from Vietnam, is set to be released in the U.S. on September 10, 2010. The romantic comedy stars Dustin Nguyen (21 Jump Street), Kathy Uyen, and Thai Hoa. Directed by Charlie Nguyen. Here’s more about the film:

Fool for Love (De Mai Tinh) follows the travails of earnest bathroom clerk Dung (played by Dustin Nguyen) as he falls in love and quits his job at a five-star hotel to pursue the affections of a beautiful lounge singer, Mai (played by Kathy Uyen). The problem is, she’s already being chased by a wealthy real estate tycoon whose willingness to employ her depends on her willingness to date him. Comedy ensues as the penniless clerk, in order to finance his pursuit of love, is forced to shack up with a very rich but very gay businessman looking for male companionship. Through it all, boy and girl are both tested as they find themselves in the same predicament – having to choose between true love and financial security. Faced with unexpected choices, will love prevail in the end?

Fool for Love (De Mai Tinh) trailer

Snorfin with Bobby Lee : Episode 2

Snorfin with Bobby Lee : Episode 2

In episode 2 of the game show Snorfin, an out-of-work Jersey Shore “Situation” contestant faces the wheel with comedian Bobby Lee and then takes the chance to Double Down. Lee puts contestants through a “little bit of hell” having each one spin a wheel of fate to face several options including eating, drinking or bobbing for some forbidden drink, food and/or fruit. If the contestant can “seem normal and fit in” (snorfin), they win! Can “The Situation” bob for the forbidden apple in a tub of “whale vagina discharge”? Eat a duck embryo? This is no trip to the tanning salon…

Snorfin with Bobby Lee : Episode 2 (The Situation)

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