Jeremy Lin could join Dallas Mavericks

Jeremy Lin could join Dallas Mavericks

NBA hopeful Jeremy Lin was interviewed after his 13 point performance in a Las Vegas Summer League game vs. the Washington Wizards. Lin’s performance stole the spotlight for a moment from Washington’s John Wall (#1 pick in the 2010 NBA Draft), who has been drawing huge crowds during the week. Watch some of Jeremy Lin’s Summer League Highlights.

Now that the summer league is over. Rumors are swirling as to what Jeremy Lin’s next step will be. Will it be the NBA? Europe? D-League? Supposedly, he’s in discussions with the Mavericks, Lakers and an Eastern Conference team. According to ESPN, if Lin signs with the Mavericks, he might be a year from the NBA. During that year, he could be the starting point guard for the Texas Legends, the Mavs’ new D-League affiliate out in Frisco, TX. We expect Jeremy Lin’s option to be decided this week.

Jeremy Lin Interview

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin could join Dallas Mavericks

  1. Duke

    Please don’t sign him. He won’t get the minutes anyway, as we have JKidd and JJ Barea. Any developmental PG minutes should go to Roddy as he has an incredible ceiling.

    Jeremy Lin is just a waste of time and a cheap effort to get Chinese fans to buy his jersey.

  2. Observer157

    What else does Jeremy Lin have to do to prove he belongs in the NBA? He outplayed John Wall in the summer league, and was one of 20 college finalists for the John Wooden (best DI player) and Bob Cousy (best DI point guard) awards. He torched UConn, BC, and Georgetown every time he played them. Simply due to race, he was California’s only HS State Player of the Year in history who wasn’t offered any college DI basketball scholarships. He keeps getting no respect his entire career, and is the biggest sleeper in this year’s crop of rookies.

    Internet comments about Jeremy being less athletic are completely bogus, lazily made simply because he’s Asian American. Lin has been the most athletic player on the Mavericks summer team, with eye popping spin moves, out-rebounding other guards, and getting steals and blocks no other guard is able to do. The disparaging comments about Jeremy Lin are ignorant fans who have never actually seen the kid play. Anyone who sees him play becomes a fan and knows he can play at the NBA level. I’ve watched Jeremy Lin since his college career against players drafted in the 1st round, and he is NBA legit. His game is already good enough to play 15 minutes off the bench and give a team positive +/- differentials.

    Jeremy Lin is the most productive and efficient per-minute player on the Mavericks summer team for scoring, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. He’s shooting 55% from the field, and 66% from 3-point land. His last game he took only 6 shots and scored 12 points. His game is legit, he can play with the best.

    Even though he showed he can hold his own (if not dominate) against the #1 overall draft pick John Wall, he still has a TON of potential to grow, and the sky’s the limit for him. He is learning more every single game. He is clearly a more natural backup point guard than Roddy or Barrea.

    For those naysayers pointing out the turnovers, those will cut down the more experience he gets. Also, John Wall had 8 turnovers for 2 straight games leading up to the Mavericks matchup, for some perspective. Lin also has less total and less per-minute turnovers than Roddy does.

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