By Your Side by Lil Crazed x Krystle Cruz

By Your Side by Lil Crazed x Krystle Cruz

Lil Crazed and Krystle Cruz along with some friends created a music video for the song “By Your Side.” The track is off his Chapter 2: Famine mixtape. Not only does the song feature Krystle Cruz, but it also has Joanlee on the hook. The video was shot at Long Beach with cameos by Michelle Martinez, R. Productions, Joanlee and a few others. The budget for the music video was zero. Also see Your Love by Lil Crazed x Michelle Martinez

By Your Side by Lil Crazed x Krystle Cruz

Lyrics to By Your Side by Lil Crazed x Krystle Cruz

~skin tone cinnamon, sweet so evident,
body so eloquent, shine like Edison, (Thomas)
curves so delicate, havent seen a replicate,
Nike how i’m checkin’ it so holla is a definite,
a body of a Goddess so a keeper she is obvious,
and she keep it modest every time she model it,
a lady of Class, so girls take a lesson,
and she aint cheap, she made me PAY attention,
ryan leslie type, she’s my next selection,
mona lisa painting, a picture of perfection,
we shared a connection with no wifi,
cuz shorty is a dime like 2 high fives,
ha, against the world shorty you and i,
and don’t be shy (Chi-cago) babygirl this aint Do or Die,
but you plus i, equals albert einstein, (genius)
cuz we keep it 100 and make sense (cents), dollar sign

~we hear ‘em talkin, but baby just keep it walkin’,
no need to proceed with caution, people envy what they don’t see often,
and that’s you and i and what you share with me,
but i got your back like massage therapy,
and that was cliche of me to say,
but i’m tryin’ to tell you that i got you either way,
i’ve had my share of dimes, babygirl my meter’s paid,
and now i need a change, and baby here you came,
right frame, cute name, and your smile and all,
got fellas, jealous, heads spinnin’, they need tylenol,
hips, lips, got me trippin’, feel like i’ma fall,
cuz you can only go down when you’ve got it all,
that’s how i feel when i’m with you baby,
no more being a SNEAKer like i’m no longer shoe crazy,
but we can fly away kinda like them jordan’s do,
cuz you’re one of a kind, couldn’t even order you

~by my side baby couldn’t get no closer,
always down to ride like a gun in a holster,
bang…. she shine like a gun blast,
and that body speaks another language like Rugrats,
thicker than a snicker and she sweeter than a swisher,
she got a photo frame (model), now do you get the picture?
if not, well let me paint it better guys,
got a Booty like the word’s first letter capitalized,
no lie, oh my
she got my vision blurred, i swear i had it double 4 5′s (20×20)
so fly, these other girls can’t swat her,
she’s no possession but homie i aint sweating, i got her,
and she got me too see,
heart running up and down like a Rocky movie,
these haters trying to take me away from ya area,
but baby i want this Forever like Degrassi’s character (Drake)

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