Get Yo Sweet Tooth On

Just Kidding Films released a gangsta track called “Get Yo Sweet Tooth On”. See how real gangstaz do it. Check out their pimped out ride. These guys should pick up some drinks at Tastea

Get Yo Sweet Tooth On by Just Kidding films (contains profanity)

Lyrics to Get Yo Sweet Tooth On

If you za real ass gangsta get yo sweet toof on
When you feelin kinda low get yo sweet toof on
If you wanna get in trouble get yo sweet toof on
Get yo sweet toof on
Get yo sweet toof on

Verse 1:
Being a true gangsta, it aint about the guns,it aint about the huns,
its all about the buns,
Ain’t talking about back, I’m talking about snacks,
Pocket full of Kit Kats, I don’t need no gat
I don’t need to blast, I’m trying get fat,
From Ding Dongs to Twinkies to Bear Claws and Pastries,
Gotta have it all if u wanna be a O. G.
Don’t f*ck with me when I’m rollin down the street,
lookin for Krispy Kremes, The donut of my dreams,
Gotta nigga killing for a taste of jelly fillin,
Straight melt in your mouth, you know wha’m talking about
I need my dose of sugar, I wont eat no brussel sprouts

Verse 2:
Chocolate covered ice cream
Little bit of jelly bean
Rainbow color sprinkles
Witta cherry on top oh oh so sweet
What would I do for a klondyke bar?
I prolly do something gay
But that don’t mean that I am gay!
I’m just really really gangsta that way

I eat a truffle for my struggle
I eat a wafer for my troubles
When I feel real low right down to the floor

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