Go by J-ricz

Go by J-ricz

J-ricz dropped his single “Go” ahead of his upcoming album “Musicphiliac” release slated for August 31, 2010. This track is an upbeat feel good song that talks about moving on to the next level of a relationship. It brings you back to that special moment and reminds you how you felt falling in love. (The sing reminds us of Do You Remember by Jay Sean). J-ricz been busy promoting his new album. Be sure to see the music video for Love Affair.

Go by J-ricz

Lyrics to Go by J-ricz

This is what is all about
Heard a lot was down but was never around
This time I’m getting closer
Every step I take girl I’m losing my mind

Don’t have to say what have what we feel what we do (let this moment)
Girl take us through the night
Don’t matter where we go
All we need now until
Girl forever
Is to be here

Coz I I I really want really want really want it
And my heart says I’m ready to go
Here we go

Let’s aim a little higher
Just feel the rhythm dance we’ll be alright
Fallin’ a little deeper
Everyday she makes me wna beg for more

Chorus (Repeat)

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