How to make Far East Movement space helmets

How to make Far East Movement space helmets

Far East Movement fans, have you ever wondered how to make the space helmets that the guys of FM wear? The guy who created the helmets shares some of the secrets behind the helmet:

Sometime in the beginning of the year (2010) during a photoshoot for Far East Movement, the guys were holding on to their space helmets, tucked under their arm, and I thought to myself… wouldn’t it be cool if they lit up? The idea was proposed to the guys, and they were all for it. I first did a preliminary mockup with regular 3V LED’s, but they weren’t bright enough. In the final version, I would instead go for the 12V strip led’s instead, which shine much brighter. The lights run off of 2 series 9V batteries (with a load R to dissipate 5.5V) and are controlled via push switch. Over time these helmets would fall apart due to how much these guys jump around and move on stage and would later have to be bolted down for further support.

Music in the video is Animal by Far East Movement. See the space helmets in action in “Girls on the Dance Floor” music video.

How to make Far East Movement space helmets

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  1. cyph

    Hi, this is cyph, the creator of the helmets (and some other FM stuff…), thanks for sharing the video! You can check out more of these fun light-projects that I’ve done on my website, under the “Spy Labs” page.



  2. Berenice Borrayo


    I”m the designer and the manufacturer of this helmets.. That is so awasome the way you put the lights inside to make it glow. Great job, this helmets are off limits!

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