One Hundred Roses by Sooyoon Kim

One Hundred Roses by Sooyoon Kim

Here’s a music video for One Hundred Roses by Sooyoon Kim of Royal Pirates. It’s a cute love story that follows one woman’s journey to meet the man of her dreams.

Love is complex and requires time to unfold its path. A girl wants her friendship with a guy friend to be something more. Unknown to her, he secretly longs for her as well. There comes a time where every person has to summon the courage to chase their happiness. With the help of his friends, today might very well be the day that he gets his happy ending.

We didn’t know that the Royal Pirates drummer had this in him. Also check out these other music videos of love: Valentine by Kina Grannis, Say It Again by Marie Digby,

One Hundred Roses by Sooyoon Kim

Lyrics to One Hundred Roses by Sooyoon Kim

Well, if you were to be my girl,
Um, I could wait for you in the rain
With no umbrellas in my hands
I could just wait

I don’t care if this is not the right time
‘Cause I can’t hide how I feel inside anymore
I’ve been waiting for you
And with this moment you’ll be mine
I’ll get you with my

One hundred roses
I caught you out of one hundred million ladies
I don’t wanna be like any other guys out there
I wish I was special to you
My love Be my baby
I’ll never let you slip away

Then I’ll wave my hand with a smile on my face
When I see you miles away from me blushing
Oh how cute
You look so much more beautiful than my

I’ve never thought that I could be
Ridiculously in love with you
I just can’t get you out of my head
My love, be my baby
I’ll never let you slip away

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