K.i.D Cypher – Round 5

K.i.D Cypher - Round 5

In K.i.D. cypher round 5, Lil Crazed collaborates with Phlip, BenJamz and Dee. Also in the mix and new to the K.i.D. crew is DJ Sin. Special guests this time were The Palmer Squares. R. Productions on the track too. Check out the cypher. You can download it FREE here. Also check out K.i.D Cypher – Round 3 and K.i.D Cypher – Round 4

K.i.D Cypher – Round 5 (contains profanity)

Lyrics to K.i.D Cypher – Round 5

Look round 5 on the cypha,
Time to spit nasty, drippen saliva,
heard all the critics, but I am a fighta,
never fallin off like the turbans on all alquida,
Haha n u know I’m the best,
Imma make In the game I swear, torrets,
Yeah, imma make it wit my team,
gonna mop up the game cuz we like to stay clean,
And you can say we fenes, and musik is our drug,
Shootin shit up, that’s why we got it in our blood,
Now we flowing like a flood, rhymes ugly like thr grudge,
Hittin shit out the park louiville slug,
And my team so mean, we KID,
We’re the worlds greatest no Ali,
The o n e, keonu reeves
Never will u see the day we leave

~i’ve been Laden (Bin Laden), yeah i’m still bombin’
in a whole (hole) new zone, no home like phil collins,
pill poppin flow the verse get you high,
but i stay grounded, my sound is versatile
ha, haters hanging on a short cord,
loosen up stupid punks, before you meet the morgue’s floor
no need to battle no more, more of a warlord,
til i get my point across and see it on the scoreboard
Right, feel me if u had a flow like,
Hydryogen n oxygen solidfied, cold ice,
Poltergeist style, but I never hire ghost writes,
Flowin’ so Napoleon, I’m spittin’ dyn-o-myte,
homeboy, see my team keep it rocking with me,
until it’s all k.i.d’s with an apostrophe,
there aint no stopping me, i mean stopping we,
cuz we win awards, you’re just a nominee
and i’m the prodigy, holla at me!

(Ben Jamz)
now i kno u mothafuckas missed me
put the beat on ice & i puck it up, gretzky
even with the iron out u could not press me
cuz ya girl & my _____ still like besties
haters say ya thank us im givin u employment
livin out my dreams jus watch how this coin spin
whether heads or tails im killin all opponets
u a tentant in this buildin, bitch i own it
im on it, on the chase for the cash knots
& these 911s but i never try to catch cops
hope u get the picture do i make it clear
never catch me on a song i be lappin all my peers
team full of takers this aint tha fuckin movie
watch us kick these raps & we all look lik bruce lee
make it on my shit list for talkin out cha ass
dead rappers in my can im jus takin out the trash

coming soon

(DJ Sin)
its dj sin welcome to sinnesnowta
may I be k.i.d When its ova
I’m sick like I’m spittin out bubonic plague
Mind sits that’s it, from two chronic jays
Ur all fake if u kill a beat by spittin on it
U kill it by gettin on it n choke it with shit n vomit
While the videos gettin comments, my fists like a comet
Repeatedly slappin the beat until my palms split
murder the beat, then I chill wit some hen
Get drunk re-make it then I kill it again
1,2,3 shots seven is fine
8,9,10 got eleven in mind
and that’s all night and that’s all day
two 15’s in the trunk all-ways
just bangin’ 808s low bass hits
shootin all fadeaways no basics

(Terminal Knowledge)
What would it mean if your life was all a government scheme?
Money talks, I learned that from Tucker & Sheen
But we don’t all make butter from cream
Some cats minds left corrupt from the dreams of the fame and the fortune
Can’t do it themselves, they gotta pay reinforcements
Live their whole lives trying to earn a labels endorsement
And don’t even own the chains they be sportin’
Term K spittin flames and it’s scorchin but still
Yall mawfuckas just dont wana listen
to this poet inscriptin’ and bestowing his wisdom
I don’t get it twisted, got some bones to get pickin
Hittin the back seat and gettin dome from a vixen with the thick end
All night them toes they be twitchin
Cuz Term go long like throwin a pigskin
I own the pound, I don’t ask for their names
Ladies goin down like Alaskan Airplanes

You can define Ac something like a dimebag puffin cat
Speakin his mind more than a mime says nothing
I be the world ambassador
Burning handfuls of that purple grass and chuggin pabst out a dirty plastic cup
That’s what’s up man I keep recordin future artifacts
Drinking acetone
Chewing shards of glass
Acumental’s just an adolescent party crasher
The same psycho that slashed Detective Arbogast
So get your sorry ass out the way fool
Dope since grade school, I crank up the bass like Claypool
We stay coolin’ out like Anchorage Alaska
Round 5
Palmer Squares and Lil Crazed so gitcha hands up
Were truly the best
Overruling objections
Closing the case
And then we move to the next one
Insurrection against the wack
It’s a wrap when I step in and bless the track

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