Moments/Peace by Sue Jin

Moments/Peace by Sue Jin

Singer Sue Jin released an artistic video combining images, poetry, and music. In her poem, she talks about finding special moments in life. Her song speaks of her desire for peace. Listen to this solemn piece of work.

Moments/Peace by Sue Jin

MOMENTS (poem)

I live life in search of moments
And it is in these moments that I remember I am alive
Fervently I strive to make them last
Splitting seconds like hairs into finer denominations of time
Prolonging their instantaneous transference into memories
But elusively, they evade my efforts

To catch the blackest of stallions on the darkest of night
To find them amidst the convolutions of life
To hold tightly to their reins
To harness momentary and force its permanence
Will be my greatest accomplishment
And subsequently, my greatest failure

I live life in search of moments
And it is in these moments that I live and die

PEACE (song)

I fall again
Won’t say when I’ll hit the ground
So I’ll pretend
That I’m flying for a little while

I drift away
Nothing but faith to hold on to
Memories they fade
As you come in and take their place

All I want is peace

I have no fear
As I hold on to your hand
You disappear
But in your shadow I still stand

All I want is peace
All I want is peace

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