The Resistance Series on SyFy

The Resistance Series on SyFy
Adrian Zaw is back for more and better than ever since his 2007 Emmy Award Winning Show for Broadband Drama. Adrian Zaw’s New SyFy Show THE RESISTANCE SERIES airs on SyFy Channel Monday, October 4th, 2010 @ 11pm EST and will be available on iTunes, xBox, and Playstation on October 5th, 2010. The Brand New SyFy Action/Drama is stars Adrian Zaw, and Katrina Law.

Here’s a synopsis of The Resistance:

Set in the dying world of Aurordeca, THE RESISTANCE is an action-packed thriller revolving around an epic tale of destiny and revenge.

SYRUS PRIMORIS (Adrian Zaw), a brilliant chemist, has taken control of the ten regions of Aurordeca in the wake of a devastating plague. Half the population is already dead. It is only Syrus and his miracle suppressant, NOXE, that keep the survivors from succumbing to the virus. In exchange, the people grant Syrus absolute power.

Only one group stands in open opposition to the regime. The Aurordecan Resistance Movement (ARM), led by the fierce and driven LANA. ARM sees Syrus for the despot he truly is and fights tirelessly to find a cure for the disease and to free the people from their enslavement to the suppressant. But everything changes through a chance encounter with a mysterious and deadly drifter, ARCLITE. In our exciting first installment of The Resistance, LANA searches for a microchip that contains crucial information; Syrus plots to bring down ARM once and for all; and a mysterious stranger might hold the answer to saving the world.

The new show stars Adrian Zaw as the MAIN bad guy, as an Asian American playing a non-Asian American Role that’s ground breaking. The project was originally envisioned as a Web Series and now is on the brink of a TV Series or even a movie has become a monumental in achievement. It’s an example of how the entertainment industry is experimenting with new models of creation and testing of content.

“Resistance” came to Starz via “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, Starz’s production partner on “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” In 2008, Ghost House executive Aaron Lam noticed the online trailers for the Web series project on YouTube and thought he may have found a “Spartacus” director. He looked up creator Adrian Picardi on Facebook — only to find out he was a 21-year-old fresh out of film school. But impressed by the vision of Picardi and his producing partner Eric Ro, Lam talked to Starz, which agreed to put up money — believed to be in the low-six-figure range, or a minimal percentage of the cost of a TV show episode — to put together an initial “Resistance” story. Picardi served as director, cinematographer, writer and editor, and Ro was a producer and cinematographer. THE RESISTANCE SERIES airs on the SyFy Channel Monday , October 4th, 2010.

Update: you can now see the whole series online
The Resistance : Episode 1
The Resistance : Episode 2
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The Resistance : Episode 4
The Resistance : Episode 5
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The Resistance Series Extended Trailer

5 thoughts on “The Resistance Series on SyFy

  1. Poc'its

    Yo I’ve only seen 2 episodes on netflix I got real into it the guy that caused it all and could bring it all to an end resembles Jesus and it’s f*in great. I hope u guys get enough support to keepthe series going I have 3 supporters wit me rite here

  2. christ

    yo this show is freaking awesome it shouldnt definitely get televised syfy would definitely get my ratings xDDDD its almost like amc’s walking dead but better

  3. Malakite

    This series needs a little more character development but has some of the best action sequences of any show (on parallel with CBS’s The Unit). Hopefully this show takes hold and gets some backing. It could be the next Dark Angel with the right direction. Syfy would do well to help keep this series going.

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