Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants

Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants

If you thought Southwest flight attendants were fun, check out these flight attendants from Cebu Pacific. The make airline safety entertaining as they dance. The cabin crew demonstrates seat belt safety and flotation device usage to the music of Just Dance by Lady Gaga. Afterwards, they show the passengers how to correctly use the oxygen masks in case of an emergency to the music of California Gurls by Katy Perry. The stewardesses do a great job on the choreographed piece in such tight quarters. This video is going viral.

These flight attendants are giving the dancing inmates a run for their money.

Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants

4 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific dancing flight attendants

  1. kate

    To those complaining about it I say: Lighten up! Where’s your sense of humor?

    Flying is already so awful, maybe this little thing makes the experience as a passenger that much better.

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